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Studi Pintu Masuk Utama Dermaga Pelabuhan Danau Terhadap Kenyamanan Penumpang Studi Kasus: Pelabuhan Ajibata, Danau Toba

The Study of Main Entrance of Lake Port Towards The Passengers’ Comfort: A Case Study of Ajibata Port, Toba Lake

  • Nelson M Siahaan Universitas Sumatera Utara
  • Natalia R.E. Hutajulua Universitas Sumatera Utara
Issue       Vol 1 No 2 (2018): Talenta Conference Series: Local Wisdom, Social, and Arts (LWSA)
Section       Articles
Keywords: Entrance port lake harbour passenger confort
Published 2018-12-10


Port of Ajibata is the main entrance which connects Ajibata with Tomokin Toba Lake. The port has a limited capacity and a lack of service to support passenger needs. This research was aimed to find out how the port meets the passenger comfort levels and the factors that could meet the passenger comfort levels. Qualitative descriptive research method was used in this study. The respondents were 100 passengers selected by using an incidental sampling technique. The data were collected by using questionnaire and documentation. Observation technique was also used to get a description of the real condition in port of Ajibata. The result showed that, the condition of passenger comfort in port of Ajibata was fair. Furthermore, the factors were very important to be considered and recommended: safety (55%), accessibility from the land side (24%), aesthetic senses (9%), weather (5%), accessibility from the lakeside (3%), cleanliness (3%), noise (0%), and scent (0%). The aim of the study was expected to be references to improve the port of Ajibata, especially for facilities and infrastructure regarding the safety and accessibility from the land side which considerably affected the passengers’ comfort