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Response Test on the Use of SAKTI Digital Framework Teaching Materials in Critical Listening Learning

  • Nafri Yanti Universitas Bengkulu, Bengkulu 38225, Indonesia
  • Fina Hiasa Universitas Bengkulu, Bengkulu 38225, Indonesia
  • Malia Dwi Putri Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta 10440, Indonesia
  • Agitha Misriani Institut Agama Islam Negeri Curup,Bengkulu 39119, Indonesia
  • Sri Murti Universitas PGRI Silampari, Sumatera Selatan 021039, Indonesia
Issue       Vol 7 No 2 (2024): Talenta Conference Series: Local Wisdom, Social, and Arts (LWSA)
Section       Articles
Keywords: Teaching Materials Critical listening SAKTI
Published 2024-03-01


This research is motivated by the fact that the world of education has experienced many revolution. Some teaching materials, especially in critical listening learning, are no longer relevant to use at this time. 21st Century Learning integrates literacy skills, knowledge skills, skills, attitudes, and mastery of technology in the learning process. This research was conducted to determine the effectiveness of the SAKTI framework teaching material design (systematic, active, contextual, technological, integrative) for the current needs of critical listening learning. The method used in this research is the survey method, before conducting the trial the researcher had also tested the validity, reliability, homogeneity of the instruments used in conducting the research., the research began by compiling a questionnaire measuring student responses to the product being developed, then the researcher validated the questionnaire that had been developed, after the validation of the questionnaire had been tested the researcher distributed the questionnaire and the questionnaire results were processed using the Spss application  V.22 and then presented in the research results.  Based on the research results it is known that critical listening teaching materials that are relevant to current needs are teaching materials in the form of a digital module. The trial results showed that the SAKTI digital framework module teaching materials received a very positive response in its use. Based on the research results, it is known, product user students stated that the display/graphic aspects of the product used were clear, interesting, and easy to understand, the components of critical listening learning on the aspects of identifying context, identifying problems, concluding and evaluating, predicting and providing solutions have been accommodated in the product being tested , the product is in accordance with the rules of using good and correct language, the quality of the media in the product is easy to use and has good quality media, the product is very useful for use in learning critical listening.