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Utilisation of Digital Literacy to Improve Writing Skills of Indonesian Literature Students

  • Hera Chairunisa Universitas Negeri Medan, Medan, Indonesia
  • Muharrina Harahap Universitas Negeri Medan, Medan, Indonesia
  • Heny Anggreini Universitas Negeri Medan, Medan, Indonesia
Issue       Vol 7 No 2 (2024): Talenta Conference Series: Local Wisdom, Social, and Arts (LWSA)
Section       Articles
Keywords: Utilisation Digital Literacy Writing Ability Indonesian Literature
Published 2024-03-01


This research aims to investigate and analyse how the use of digital literacy can improve the writing skills of Indonesian Literature students. In an increasingly digitally connected era, effective writing skills are becoming increasingly important for Literature students. However, despite the abundance of digital tools and platforms available, there is still a lack of in-depth research on how digital literacy can concretely influence the improvement of writing skills among Indonesian Literature students. This research will explore various relevant literature sources on digital literacy and its application in education. With an in-depth analysis of the literature, this research will identify the best approaches and methods that can be used to improve the writing skills of Literature students through digital literacy. The research method used is a descriptive qualitative approach. Indonesian Literature students batch 2020-2022 are the research subjects. They will be involved as respondents and key informants in filling out questionnaires in this study. Data will be collected through literature study, questionnaires, and interviews. The results of this study will be analysed in depth to identify the progress made in the writing ability of Indonesian Literature students after attending the digital literacy training. In addition, this study will also evaluate the effectiveness of various digital literacy techniques and strategies used in improving critical aspects of writing, such as structure, language style, creativity, and understanding of literary content.