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Nandong Smong As Song Heritage From Tsunami Disaster In The Aceh Simeulue Culture: A Study Of Musical, Textual, Functional, And It’s Local Wisdom

  • Muhammad Takari Faculty of Humanities, University of North Sumatra
Issue       Vol 3 No 4 (2020): Talenta Conference Series: Local Wisdom, Social, and Arts (LWSA)
Section       Articles
Keywords: nandong smong musical textual functional local wisdom
Published 2020-12-04


The theme of this research is nandong smong, namely the singing of means of survival from the tsunami disaster in the culture of the Simeulue Aceh tribe. This research examines four aspects of nandong smong in Simeulue Aceh, namely: (1) musical, (2) textual, (3) functional, and (4) )local wisdom. In this study, to study the four aspects of nandong smong, separate theories are used: for musicals the weighted scale theory is used, for textual semiotic theory is used, for functional theory is used, and for local wisdom, ethnoscience theory (ethnomethodology) is used. The methods and techniques used are qualitative research methods based on field observations, direct involvement, interviews, and audiovisual data recording. The results of this study are as follows: (1) from a musical aspect, nandong smong uses a typical Simeulue microtonal scale, in the form of a semi-free meter, and a heterophonic texture; (2) from the textual aspect of nandong smong, it is included in the type of poetry, consisting of five stanzas, which as a whole tell about what a tsunami (smong) is and how to save oneself from the smong, the meaning contained in the smong text is mostly denotative and little metaphoric connotative meaning; (3) functionally, nandong smong has uses and functions. The use of nandong smong is: (i) to enliven the atmosphere of the wedding party, (ii) to enliven the atmosphere of the circumcision party, (iii) to enliven the welcoming ceremony for guests, (iv) to celebrate the anniversary of Indonesia's independence, (v) to inaugurate the government building, (vi) for tourism activities, (vii) cultural performances, and others, according to the times. While there are two main functions of nandong smong, namely: (a) to inform the symptoms and phenomena of the tsunami and (b) to tell how to save yourself from this tsunami disaster, plus other functions such as: (c) maintaining cosmological balance, (d) communication, (e) cultural sustainability, (f) strengthening Simeulue's cultural identity, (g) appreciation of Islam, (h) entertainment, and (i) socio-cultural integration. (4) From the aspect of local wisdom, nandong smong expresses the wisdom of the Simeulue people in dealing with disasters.